Cubephagy, acrylic on canvas, 60x80 cm. "In the work 'Cubephagy', a bird courageously challenges the rigidity and synthesis of Cubism by holding a plastic Lego block in its beak, symbolizing a significant devouring of this way of seeing and deconstructing the world that persists to this day in various artistic expressions and languages. 'Cubophagy' aims to transcend painting, breaking boundaries and influences, aspiring to a unique, new, and relevant path. The fusion of natural elements with the small geometric object not only confronts the monotony and lack of meaning present in most contemporary 'vanguards', often immersed in mannerisms and repetitive movements on the chessboard, but also reaffirms the life of art and poetry from a biocentric constructivist perspective, seeking authentic artistic creativity."



Chacuru, acrylic on canvas, 60x80 cm.

Synapse Garden Series. Diptych, acrylic on canvas, 160 x 210 cm. In the midst of the thick fog of an enigmatic morning, the man, lost in his feelings of loss, in the vastness of a primordial forest, confronts the eternal mystery of his existence: where did we come from and where shall we return? However, in the stillness of nature, man reflects on his origins and has an epiphany. He perceives an ancestral connection, a truth so simple and yet profoundly meaningful: 'From the plants we came, to the plants we shall return.’” (Manon)


Garden of Synapses Series - Oil on Canvas, 150 x 90 cm. In the continuous and endless flow of nature, transcendence reveals itself through remarkable resilience and adaptation. Every falling leaf, every sprouting bud, and every bird taking flight weaves a narrative of eternal resistance that surpasses adversities. It is a calm and profound vibration of hope, a clear demonstration of acceptance of change and persistence in the face of challenges. In the simplicity and strength of unfolding life, we discover transcendence in every detail—a source of strength and serenity residing within our own being.. Authored by Sergio Mauricio Manon"